Our company specializes in manufacturing and distributing comercial felt, the trendiest and newest product of the promotional gift sector. To comply with the necessities of our clients, we have elaborated a large range of colours of this material, combining it with many printing techniques. We offer customized promotional felts from 1 colour to full colours, using different and very advanced printing techniques to make an original and unique final product. We pay attention to every detail: the cut, the seam and the customization, successfully managing a high quality product.


Our clients can vouch for the quality of our products and services. Thanks to our experience, we obtain a very high percentage  of accuracy when producing according to previous designs. Our company is well established in Europe, and this allows us to put our efficiency at your service to cope with any high volume orders. We have successfully completed various promotional events in Europe and the Middle East. We participate in major trade fairs such as PSI Dusseldorf, Hong Kong Gifts & Premium, from where we import all the new ideas of the publicity sector to expand our offer.


Promotional felt is excellent as an insert for newspapers and magazines. The goods we manufacture in our factories according to the clients' designs, and working with agencies from all over the world, we guarantee the quality control, the price and the delivery on time.